Transfer Window Guideline

April 1, 2018

All registration transfer must be completed by 30th April 2018.

Please read carefully & understand the steps before proceeding with the process.


The following details are required in Google Form form Registration Transfer:

  • Registration order number of Seller

  • Name of Seller

  • Passport / IC of Seller

  • Distance purchased by Seller

  • Email of Seller

  • Phone number of Seller



  • Upon submission of the completed form, BOLT Team will start the transfer process by cancelling the Seller's registrations and issuing a new registration code to Seller.

  • Code can only be used to register for the same distance, regardless of category  (e.g. if Seller was registered for 55km Women Open, the code can only be used to register for a 55km race of any gender or age category)

  • Code is valid until 30 April 2018



Code received from BOLT Team to be given by the Seller to Buyer.

  • Seller and Buyer must. have come to an agreement before exchanging payment and registration code.

  • BOLT Team will not be held responsible for any agreement between both parties.



Perform online registration using the code received from Seller.

  • Buyer must complete their online registration using the code given by 30 April 2018

  • The code will be expired after the Transfer Window period.

  • RM20 admin fee will be imposed during the online registration.

You may find the Registration Transfer Online Form here

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