Transfer Market

March 2, 2018


Starting 2 March 2018, CULTRA is officially opening the TRANSFER MARKET where runners are allowed to discuss on letting go of their slots to potential runners.  We understand that some might not be able to make it due to commitment reason, or maybe personal, therefore use this opportunity wisely.


For safety reason, this allows 'new' runners to be insured and officially be recognised by the organiser, where the registration, bib and eCert will be under one's own name.


The steps are:

  1. You are allowed to advertise or request on this post since its a common market place for Cultrarian followers

  2. The duration of the TRANSFER MARKET is throughout the whole month of March (discussion between runners).

  3. On you post, please insert

    • WTS = Want To Sell

    • WTB = Want To Buy

    • WTSW = Want To Swap

    • e.g. (WTS) 100km

  4. The OFFICIAL TRANSFER WINDOW will be opened in April.  During the period, CULTRA will assist you with the transfer.

  5. Buyer and Seller must be agree on the race distance registered. No upgrading or downgrading is allowed.


For 100k KM runners, this is the best opportunity to get a slot with an updated qualification race.  It has come to our attention that some were unable to register due to qualifying requirement imposed during registration, and your qualifying race occur after the registration has been closed.


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