Online Progressive Jackpot Record Smashed

It’s incredible to imagine that although the popular internet activity of online gambling has been around for less than 20 years, it has evolved into a multi-billion euro industry that has spawned hundreds of online casinos and gambling websites, millions of avid online gambling fans, and online progressive jackpots that make their land counterparts pale in comparison.

Consider the recent record-breaking €11.7 million online progressive jackpot that was won just last week by a Norwegian student at Betsson online casino. According to reports, the lucky lad – who wisely has chosen to remain anonymous – was using the 10 free spins awarded to him by Betsson online casino to play Mega Fortune slots, when Lady Luck came knocking.

News of his windfall spread across the internet like wildfire, especially when it became clear that he had smashed all previous online progressive jackpot records. Not only did the student ensure his financial independence for life (assuming he doesn’t blow his windfall on fast cars and even faster women), but he is poised to enter the online gambling record books.

Online Progressive Jackpots Are Getting Richer

That is until the next record-breaking online progressive jackpot comes along and is also won casino bonus Singapore by an unsuspecting online gambler somewhere in the world, from the comfort and security of their own home. As online gambling continues to grow in popularity and more countries legalize and regulate it, so too are online casinos releasing better, far ‘richer’ games.

And Mega Fortune slots is just such a game. Developed by respected online gambling software vendor Net Entertainment, Mega Fortune slots is not dissimilar to many of its contemporaries, being a colorful, vibrant, entertaining, and generous 5-reel, 25-pay line video slot. Except that it packs a potent punch where its progressive jackpot is concerned.

Consider that over the last few months, a fraction of every single bet played on Mega Fortune slots by every player at every online casino on the Net Entertainment network has contributed to its online progressive jackpot. That is until last week, when, bursting at the seams, it took an unsuspecting Norwegian to release its mountains (and mountains) of money

After this, you can bet that online slot fans will pay more attention to Mega Fortune slots and its online progressive jackpot than ever before. Plus, there is no doubt that Betsson online casino is being inundated with new players as you read these very words.

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