Distance Category Personalized Bib Event tee Finisher Medal
(within COT)
Finisher Tshirt
(within COT)
100km Yes Yes Yes Yes
55km Yes Yes Yes Yes
30km Yes Yes Yes No
15km Yes Yes Yes No

T-Shirt Design

Event Tshirt

100km Finisher Tee

55km Finisher Tee

Finisher Medal

Medical & Insurance

  1. There will be medical personnel on standby at the race site.
  2. Ambulance service is on standby as well for emergency cases.
  3. Participants are responsible to ensure that they are fit and healthy before starting the race. Please consult your doctor if there is any doubt.
  4. Participants are to accept the risk associated with the event as per indemnity clause stated in the registration form.
  5. The organizer will not be held responsible for any claim resulted from this event.
  6. It is recommended that you have personal accident insurance or health insurance.

Did Not Finish (DNF)

You will be considered as did not finish (DNF) the race if you are unable to complete the distance of your category within the cutoff time.

You will be considered as DNF too if you unable to reach the designated Check Point within the cutoff time. Kindly cooperate with the official on duty and allow them to carry out the DNF procedure.

If you decided to quit during the race, kindly report to the nearest Check Point and follow further instruction by the officials. You may return to the finish line by yourself or in case of injuries, wait for medical assistant.

Disqualified (DFQ)

You will be disqualified (DQ) if you were found cheating by taking shortcuts, use any sort of vehicle for assistance , do not carry the mandatory items or commit any act harmful to other runners and officials.